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Rothesay Motel





our little (big) history

Rothesay Motel, formerly Ye Comfy Cabins, began in 1920 with the construction of the cabins by the Breen family who ran the business until 1971. At the time, the Hampton Highway was the main road to Moncton. It was taken over by the Gordon family, who relocated from Saint John, until 1996 when Bob and Erin Black became the owners of Ye Comfy Cabins until 2004. The McGuires ran the cabins for six years and then demolished all but three to build the nine unit motel. The property preserved two cabins and the two-unit old barn which serve as a reminder of the business's rich history. Current owners, Kevin (K.K.) Kang and Sunmi Jung took the motel and revolutionized the idea of a motel. The rooms were reformed to give a taste of modernness and comfort while preserving its past exterior.

80 Hampton Road, Rothesay, NB


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